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The story behind our story…

My wife and I have two wonderful children. As we became parents, we took the steps that all parents do to protect our children from any features that could harm them in their own home. When my son was born, we received a gift of animal-shaped outlet covers from one of my colleagues in Japan. We hadn’t seen anything like them here in the US, and immediately plugged them into the walls in our living room.  Over the following months, my wife hosted numerous play dates with the mother’s club here in West Chester. Every time she did, someone would make a remark about the outlet covers. Comments like “Oh, how cute!” were almost always followed by the question, “Where can we get some of those?” 

But when it comes to ingenuity, sometimes a good idea only leads to more challenges. Or so we found out when another friend of ours saw the covers. Her response was different from the other parents’. “Are you kidding me?” she said. “Those outlet covers are only going to attract my kids -- they are going to pull them out of the sockets and put them in their mouths!” It was then that I realized that just because the outlet covers charmed our friends, that didn’t mean they were safe. 

It wasn’t long before I began putting my considerable experience in engineering and product development to good use. My immediate question was one of design – of how to secure these plugs into a wall so that parents could remove them but their children could not. But I had an aesthetic question as well - why can’t safety features like this also be decorative? It was then that I realized if I put self-locking barbs to catch the back of the outlet, we would then be able to decorate them safely. Any chance to beautify a home is one worth considering.

Nine months and eleven designs later, I have perfected a patent-pending solution.  And so the birth of Socket Lockits!

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West Chester, PA 19380

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